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Mass Offering


Download the form linked above, fill it out, and email it to to request Masses.

There is no prayer more powerful than celebrating the Holy Mass. During the Mass, almighty God becomes substantially present on the altar and offers Himself for the redemption of mankind. This prayer calls down tremendous amounts of grace for the Church and for the whole world. And in addition to the general intentions of every Mass, an ancient custom of the Church has been to offer each Mass for one special intention.

This custom involves making an offering to the priest who says the Mass out of gratitude and to support the mission of the Church. The offering also constitutes a small, personal sacrifice that is united with the sacrifice of Christ on the altar. Your offering is not a payment for services rendered, but a freewill offering. The recommended offering in the Diocese of Peoria is $10, but the actual contribution must be left to the freewill of the giver.

The Mass can be offered for any intention: for the repose of the soul of a deceased loved one, for a friend who is in need of prayers, to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, or to give thanks to God for a blessing already received. 

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