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         In him the hope of blessed resurrection has dawned,
         that those saddened by the certainty of dying
         might be consoled by the promise of immortality to come.
         Indeed for your faithful, Lord,
         life is changed not ended,
         and, when this earthly dwelling turns to dust,
         an eternal dwelling is made ready for them in heaven.

Preface I for the Dead, The Roman Missal

Planning Guide

Please download this funeral planning guide and fill in as much of the information as possible. Please see the sections below for questions about funeral readings and hymns. When finished filling out the planning guide, please save it and send it to

Funeral Readings

Click below to see options for funeral readings.

During the funeral liturgy, the readings from the Sacred Scripture console, challenge, and inspire hope in the mercy and love of God for the deceased. There may be either one or two readings, a responsorial psalm, and a reading from the Holy Gospel. The first reading comes from the Old Testament, except during the Easter Season, when it is taken from the New Testament. The second reading always comes from the New Testament.

Funeral Hymns

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The music at Mass is meant to glorify God and sanctify the people. Hymn selection at funerals raises the mind to heaven, filling it with hope and confidence in the goodness of God and His tender love for His children.

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